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Visionary Autonomy


Archangel Imaging exists to build and deploy systems that enable human-machine teaming.

Our mission is to develop and deploy AI systems to protect, support and enhance the ability of the people society chooses to place on the edge, including law enforcement and other first responders, NGOs, wildlife rangers, and the military.

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Edge AI camera & drone copilot


Argonaut enhances protection by accurately identifying intruders or threats, reducing the number of people required on patrol.

Such accurate identification also results in fewer communications, reducing power demands, minimising electromagnetic signature and improving resilience.  

Xnaut, optimised for sUAS, achieves highly accurate navigation (<5m) over extended ranges (>100km) without reference to vulnerable external infrastructure.



Xnaut has utility far beyond navigation; it can understand when a situation on the ground changes and select an action in response. 

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Satellite Image Processing


Unlocking the potential of satellite Imagery with AI



Join us and build a better future

At Archangel Imaging, our mission is robust: to safeguard and uplift society's most vulnerable workers. We hold a strong vision of the future, one where human-machine collaboration is at its forefront, and we're actively crafting that future.

If you're an individual who is hungry to make a difference, and if you're impatient to create a meaningful impact and thrive on challenges that extend beyond the ordinary, then Archangel Imaging is the place where you belong.

We're not just about facing challenges; we're about conquering them.

Let's Make a Difference Together

We believe that real progress happens when people come together. Your collaboration could be the catalyst for something extraordinary.




1 Oxbridge Court

Osney Mead

Oxford, OX2 0ES

T: +44 1865 600 415

The Tech Garden

235 Harrison St.
Syracuse, NY 13202

T: +1 (680) 2143030

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