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Get the intelligent edge.

We provide software and hardware options to make machines smart enough to become team mates you can trust to do their part, rather than tools you need to constantly manage.

✔ Navigation in GNSS-denied environments

✔ Smart cameras, independent of infrastructure

✔ Intelligent machines for hybrid teams

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Technology and services trusted by
Ministry Of Defence
European Space Agency
Project Everest Ventures

Make mission level navigation decisions based on live observed context, to enable mission success in GNSS-denied environments and support BVLOS / autonomy in the drone ecosystem

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Non-GPS navigation

Unique Alt-Nav capability delivers better-than-GPS accuracy over barren terrain, water and at nigh

Lightweight design

Lightweight Applique unit for ANY uncrewed system

Xnaut AI drone co-pilot

Rugged and Resilient 

Resilient against changing scenes, including seasonal changes, weather and battle damage

Built-in intelligence

On-Platform (edge compute) detection and decision making

Utilising next-generation smart cameras

Long Battery Life

Up to 1 month on internal battery
Alternative power options can be added

Low power alerts via the Cerebella® partner app

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IoT, satellite & 4G options

24/7 operations with multiple backup comms for critical missions

Easy install in 5 mins

Simply mount to posts, drones or vehicles and finish in the app.

Built-in intelligence

Continuously-learning proprietary artificial intelligence that can look for specific targets on-demand and adapt to new threats

Argus Pro 4 retouched LEDs covered background removed_edited.png

Argonaut AI camera


Reduce railway trespassing, accidents and thefts

When our smart cameras detect trespassers, our system automatically plays a pre-recorded message to the trespasser, and will notify station staff electronically if they persist. Confirmed threats can be automatically forwarded to British  Transport Police with supporting evidence and documents.



Explore rail, anti-poaching, site security, and other use cases

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