Drone over a River

Empowering teams protecting large areas to act quickly and efficiently

Real-time alerts and actions 

Integrated with multiple best-in-class technology

Work outdoors without infrastructure & connectivity

Modular and can be repurposed and redeployed

Beautiful Desert

Smart Security Systems as a Service

Augmenting your staff with on-demand autonomous smart cameras, robotics, drones and sensors optimised for your environment and use cases.

We provide end-to-end solutions with smart technology that can adapt and collaborate like a true team member, so together your team can achieve impossible results.

AI eyes for land, sea and sky

A smart camera that works even when there is little power or connectivity for remote asset monitoring. Like a flexible 24/7 guard to complement your team, you can task the cameras to look for problems you care about and give you intelligent, real-time alerts.

No more streaming HD videos or getting lost in CCTV and false alerts; just what matters, accurately and immediately.

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Collaborative platform for people + machines

Having detected potential threats, our platform Cerebella.ai allows your team to quickly coordinate nearby robotics, drones and staff to assess the situation more in-depth or intervene immediately. Each team member can collaborate and update with each other to build a map of activities over time, reducing investigation time.

The full system can be configured to be automated, scaled up or down as needed as part of our technology service. 

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Industry applications

By combining our own AI cameras with other autonomous systems, like robotics and drones, our technology can help teams of any size in various industries to easily and quickly respond to incidents at scale, regardless of the environment.


Railway & Telecoms 


Business parks

Oil and Gas

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Our services

AI Advisory 

Interested in edge AI but not sure where to start? Have specific algorithm developments needed?
We can help.

Systems Integration

Custom integration of full systems solutions to suit your team, environments, workflows and requirements.

Research & Development 

Innovation projects to develop or test novel concepts, low maturity ideas, or simply investigate root problems  as your research partners.

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Partners & Customers

We work with hardware, software, delivery and installation partners and ambassadors around the world to help deliver and distribute better solutions to our customers

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