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Get the intelligent edge.

We provide software and hardware options to make machines smart enough to become team mates you can trust to do their part, rather than tools you need to constantly manage.

✔ Smart cameras, independent of infrastructure

✔ Navigation in GNSS-denied environments

✔ Intelligent machines for hybrid teams

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Technology and services trusted by
Ministry Of Defence
European Space Agency
Project Everest Ventures

How we help large organisations like Network Rail
save £ millions

"The key thing is preventative. It helps to have a few hours before cable theft happens to concentrate efforts along 30 miles of tracks."
- Andrea Graham, Head of Crime & Security at Network Rail

Reduce railway trespassing, accidents and thefts

When our smart cameras detect trespassers, our system automatically plays a pre-recorded message to the trespasser, and will notify station staff electronically if they persist. Confirmed threats can be automatically forwarded to British  Transport Police with supporting evidence and documents.



Explore rail, anti-poaching, site security, and other use cases

Solve more incidents and reduce unnecessary work without changing workflows and systems

Our pre-integrated, smart and autonomous cameras, sensors, drones and robots work seamlessly with staff to #protectmorewithless


Deter trespassers with automatically triggered visual, audio warnings or manually deployed drones


Reduce manual CCTV monitoring, free up valuable staff time through AI detect and alert, all in real time

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Easily send nearest in-house teams (staff, drones, vehicles) to maintain visual, gather evidence or resolve priority incidents

Overcome security vulnerabilities in a few clicks

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Utilising next-generation smart cameras

Long Battery Life

Up to 1 month on internal battery
Alternative power options can be added

Low power alerts via the Cerebella® partner app

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IoT, satellite & 4G options

24/7 operations with multiple backup comms for critical missions

Easy install in 5 mins

Simply mount to posts, drones or vehicles and finish in the app.

Built-in intelligence

Continuously-learning proprietary artificial intelligence that can look for specific targets on-demand and adapt to new threats

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Argonaut AI camera

Future proof your security investment

Implement different combinations of 3rd party solutions to solve multiple challenges at different locations.

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IoT  gateway & sensors



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Your innovation partner along the way

We have delivered to governments and organisations with high duty of care, to give you the assurance and peace of mind. 

AI Advisory

AI Advisory 

Interested in edge AI but not sure where to start? Have specific algorithm developments needed?
We can help.

Systems Integration

Systems Integration

Custom integration of full systems solutions to suit your team, environments, workflows and requirements.

Research & Development

Research & Development 

Innovation projects to develop or test novel concepts, low maturity ideas, or simply investigate root problems  as your research partners.

Prevention is better than cure.
Let's make that happen.

Contact us to help you overcome your security gaps today.

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