Archangel Imaging

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+44 1865 600 415
168 Maxwell Avenue, 

Harwell Space Campus, OX11 0QT

VAT no. GB234589483

Company no. 09973710

Need Machine Vision but can't access the cloud? 

Archangel Imaging is a specialist in edge-deployable machine vision technology. 


We develop full solution stacks integrating edge AI cameras and algorithms, robots and IoT devices with mission management interfaces.


Our customers are saving time, money and risk in monitoring remote areas.


Archangel Imaging was founded in 2016 in Harwell Space Campus, Oxfordshire, to create innovative intelligent payloads for long endurance unmanned systems but it was not long before we took on other Edge AI Projects.

Today, with support from European Space Agency, government and commercial partners, we have developed a wide variety of machine vision projects.


We build intelligence systems and advanced unmanned camera systems to help government and commercial partners to fight crimes, save lives and protect the environment. 


There are many situations where it is not possible to use cloud based AI . Our customers typically want to make use of computer vision but cannot access fast internet.

On almost every project we do there is a need for information to be fed back to a web based mission management software. We now integrate other devices into our Cerebella Mission management Platform.