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  • Powerful and autonomous

  • Works with little infrastructure

  • 24/7 surveillance and immediate alerts

  • Tackles global-scale problems

  • Eyes for land, sea and sky

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Empowering teams monitoring large areas facing
time-sensitive problems to act quickly and efficie

AI eyes for land, sea and sky

The uses of artificial intelligence just keep expanding but global-scale problems still persist, like poaching, organised crime, and environmental disasters. The lack of infrastructure, the urgency and the unpredictability of these problems make them difficult to resolve with centralized technology or huge teams of people. 

We bring the latest technology advances to front-line users, with self-contained AI camera systems.

By creating devices with built-in advanced computing, self sustaining power and a variety of connectivity options, we are pioneering a generation of smart systems that can act as effective first line detection in difficult environments and integrate with human workflows. The early intervention and prevention of incident escalation gives human teams a chance to save lives and money, and gives a real opportunity to tackle those persistent global problems.


Combine our AI camera capabilities with other autonomous systems, such as smart fences, drones, rovers, trail cams and unmanned transport, to detect and respond quickly to suspicious vehicles, people and your own custom targets, regardless of environmental factors. Here are some examples of deployed use of our apparatus:


Metal theft prevention

Public safety

Defence &

Blue Smoke

Awards & achievements

Finalist, 2017

AI for Good winner, 2019

Winner, 2018

LEV8 cohort 3 venture (19-20)

Participant (session 3, 19-20)

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