Drone over a River

Empowering teams protecting large areas to act quickly and efficiently

Real Time Alert.png

Real-time alerts and actions 


Integrated with multiple best-in-class technology


Work outdoors without infrastructure & connectivity


Modular and can be repurposed and redeployed



Rail and Transportation

Our ADAPT AI camera & audio package helps staff identify, warn and intervene early to reduce trespass at the end of platform stations.


Real Estate and Construction

Our SIF AI camera, sensor & drone package provides security teams with proactive detection, tracking and intervention of theft and trespassing on and nearby business sites and facilities.


Wildlife and Environment

Our WAMCam package is an innovative solution integrating Archangel Imaging edge AI cameras with wireless long range IoT and satellite communication, and coordinated with other sensors via Cerebella to radically improve anti-poaching efforts and wildlife research.