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Drone over a River

Protecting teams, assets and missions 

From defence to physical security applications, we make it easier and faster for teams to protect large, remote areas, by augmenting existing sensors and autonomous systems with AI. As a result, our technology solutions provide mission assurance without putting lives at risk.

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Real-time alerts and actions 


Integrated with multiple best-in-class technology


Work outdoors without infrastructure & connectivity


Modular and can be repurposed and redeployed

Industry Solutions


Antipoaching and Conservation

Poaching is a persistent problem threatening the survival of endangered species globally. It is impossible for rangers on foot to patrol every inch of vast protected areas, with reported threats being investigated up to 2 hours after sighting. The Integrated Argonaut Wildlife Solution empowers teams to proactively investigate to stop poachers in their tracks before they can harm the animal.


GNSS Denied Environments

GENIE is a small, self-contained alternative navigation unit that can be retrofitted easily onto lightweight, small UAS and other aircraft. It works by using over 40 different navigation methods, including visual techniques such as Visual Odometry. Used together, these techniques provide resilient, assured, sub-meter accuracy independent of GPS, across different terrains, weather and even at night.


Rail and Transportation

We work with rail industry leaders such as Network Rail and West Midlands Railway to reduce railway trespassing and theft.


Site Security

The Smart Security Solution is an on-demand smart autonomous security system that combines AI-powered cameras and sensors, drones, and rovers to deter, detect and respond to threats.

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