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StartupGrind, SanFran 2019 🛫

These micro posts are part of our Team Moments series, highlighting what it's like working here.

Last week our executive team went on a 'pilgrimage' to receive teachings to help us navigate to the Startup Nirvana. The event was jampacked with useful info and insights, that even with the 3 of us, we couldn't attend all of the talks! We learnt about business models, managing teams and many other strategic insights to bring home. Here are some thoughts from Jonathan Mist, our CTO, about the event: "Attending StartupGrind in Silicon Valley was a fantastic opportunity to listen to all the great (and not so great) experiences of startup life from entrepreneurs who have been through it all. I learned a lot from the likes of Steve Blank and Mathilda Collin. Plus we got to see the Hewlett-Packard garage and experience Bluebottle coffee! ☕"

And from Trang: "It was like being fully immersed into anything startups. I also remember being on NASA's Singularity Ventures campus and seeing all of the forward-thinking ideas drawn out on the walls. And (ironically) having the best fish and chip I have ever eaten, in a Japanese restaurant in the States!"

Free and massive donuts!


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