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⭐ 2022: A Year in Review ⭐

Wow, what a year! 6x sales growth, winning $1m and opening an office in Central New York... Today we are taking some time to look back on all the remarkable things that have been happening at Archangel over the last 12 months.

$1 Million GENIUS NY win

We were ecstatic to be named the Grand Prize winner in the GENIUS NY accelerator, receiving $1,000,000 investment from Empire State Development, CenterState CEO and GENIUS NY! So far this year, we have developed strong relationships with the flourishing uncrewed systems community in Syracuse through the GENIUS NY accelerator.

“It is an incredible accomplishment and recognition for the team to be selected as GENIUS NY 2022 Grand Prize winners, especially in the context of such excellent companies in this cohort. The prize enables us to create further high value jobs and fuel long term local partnerships" said Dan Sola.

Read more about our Genius NY Win here.

Army Warfighting Experiment

We were thrilled to be selected for the Army Warfighting Experiment (AWE). AWE is the flagship experimentation programme for the British Army. Our Argonaut Sentry range was selected to deliver edge-AI surveillance and reconnaissance into this experiment and show how it could benefit the army of the future.

We spent November at the HM Naval Base in Portsmouth training defence users on our Argonaut Sentry cameras and Mobile Tower products as part of the Urban Sustain and Protect experiment.

AI to Navigate the Sky: Project GENIE

In 2022, we have advanced our Xnaut product range through Project GENIE, funded by the National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme (NATEP). GENIE (GNSS Excluded Navigation Intelligent Enhancement) will mature and advance non-GNSS solutions as part of a long-term objective to enable assured location and navigation in commercial aerospace, helping to unlock the benefits and value of autonomy in civil aviation.

Safety and Security at Sea

In March we kicked off the Sea++ project, in partnership with Novit.AI. The Sea++ project investigated the use of novel remote detection and autonomous response methods to improve maritime safety and tackle illegal activity on high seas, such as unlicensed fishing and human trafficking. “The Sea++ project highlights the ability of Artificial Intelligence to provide valuable real-world solutions to pervasive problems in tough environments” says Charles Smith. Building on our existing maritime expertise, in June we launched Project SeaWatch in partnership with UAVAid as part of the Future Flight Challenge programme. The project is developing a new airborne surveillance system that combines the operational benefits of drones with cutting-edge machine vision AI to create a low-cost solution for the aerial monitoring of coastal waters.

ATOM Project

Back on land, we are excited to be working on the ATOM Project to innovate the remote monitoring of legacy nuclear sites. The ATOM Project is part of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) remote monitoring of sites competition run through the Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA). Challenge 3 of the DASA Competition: Security and Resilience sought innovations to deliver proportionate security in line with the site risk reduction curve during the decommissioning process. The project will develop an Argonaut Tower to support remote site monitoring and provide an extra layer of protection at critical national infrastructure sites. Find out more here.

MOUs Signed

We have successfully signed MOU of cooperation with UAVAid, drone specialist for operations in the world’s remote and difficult to reach areas and Airial Robotics, a tech-oriented aviation company positioned for the global UAV market. Airial Robotics’ range of drones is based on merging the technologies of very energy efficient autogyros and helicopters in order to operate especially beyond visual line of sight overpopulated areas. The MOU signifies cooperation for integrating advanced AI Co-Pilot capabilities into unmanned aircraft.

The commercial and technical collaboration between UAVaid and Archangel’s innovative technologies will bring new levels of operational capability, increasing accuracy and endurance of drone surveillance and monitoring and create new markets for airborne monitoring, for example combatting illegal fishing along the coasts of Africa.

The Archangel Life

Everything we have been able to achieve this year as a company has been down to the hard work of our team. Fortunately, we have been able to have a lot of fun along the way...

We're hiring!

The team has grown substantially this year, and we’ve been able to welcome some great new members to the Archangel family. This growth continues at pace, and, in order to keep up with demand, will continue at pace in 2023, both in the UK and the US.

Check out our Careers site to see our current openings - we're looking for talent in a range of disciplines who are impatient to make a difference and solve tomorrow’s problems, today. We are adding new roles regularly so if there isn’t a role for you right now, stay tuned! We have a £2000 referral bonus up for grabs so if you know anyone that may be a good fit, you can refer them by simply following this link to our referral portal.

2022 has been a truly transformative year for the company, we can't wait to see what next year holds! If you’d like to talk more about anything mentioned in this blog, please get in touch at



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