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AI Co-Pilot manufacturer and Drone manufacturer sign MOU

Artificial intelligence (AI) specialist Archangel Imaging and drone manufacturer Airial Robotics have signed an MOU of cooperation for integrating advanced AI Co-Pilot capabilities into unmanned aircraft.

The strategic partnership will support the development of technologies integrating Artificial Intelligence-based (AI) Co-Pilots into drone navigation systems. This development, enabled in part by both companies’ involvement on the GENIUS NY program in Syracuse NY, will enable beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) and autonomous operations of the drone, even in environments when GPS is being denied (jammed) or spoofed.

GPS jamming or spoofing is occurring more and more frequently, and is increasingly easy to do. This partnership will help overcome the vulnerabilities of GPS for autonomous or BVLOS operations and enable resilient operations independent of location or environment.

Archangel Imaging’s Xnaut GENIE AI Co-pilot is designed to work with any drone. It is a small (sub 2kg) payload that can provide a GPS NMEA feed to the autopilot on the platform.

Archangel Imaging’s Xnaut GENIE GNSS denied navigation solution in use on a development drone at Archangel’s Harwell development centre in the UK.

Airial Robotics’ range of drone is based on merging the technologies of very energy efficient autogyros and helicopters in order to operate especially beyond visual line of sight over populated areas.

Airial Robotics’ GT20/GT25 Gyrotrak is a disruptive gyro/helicopter hybrid UAV solution advancing flight time, payload, range and speed over other systems. GT20/GT25 is built for BVLOS with manned aviation in mind. Its unique system inherent safety, night flight and all-weather capability allow for a wide range of applications and ensure a high level of operational readiness.

Charles Smith, Chief Commercial Officer at Archangel Imaging, said “Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do at Archangel Imaging, and we are delighted to announce this formal relationship with Airial Robotics. This is our first such agreement since opening our US office and signals the start of an exciting time in our international journey.

Joerg Schamuhn, CEO at Airial Robotics, said ”This cooperation with Archangel Imaging was enabled through the Genius NY UAS accelerator where we met first. The collaboration is a result of working together with the goal to solve a major problem for BVLOS flight with unmanned aerial vehicles. Archangel Imaging’s superior technology fits well into the avionic architecture of our Gyrotrak aeroplanes making them safer in complex environments.”

For more information contact:

Archangel Imaging Ltd.

Airial Robotics


Veteran founded, Archangel Imaging provides software and hardware to make machines smart enough to become team mates you can trust to do their part, rather than tools that need managing.

Hybrid human-machine teams will be much more effective in protecting assets, people & planet at scale, but technology must operate without depending on human attention or vulnerable infrastructure. We support users in remote, exposed and challenging environments, including police, service personnel, first responders and NGOs.

Despite having ever-better remote monitoring technology like drones and IoT sensors, our service personnel, police and first responders are as overstretched as ever protecting our citizens and critical infrastructure.

The tools available cannot function on their own. Today's technology is dependent on:

  • Limited, precious, overloaded human attention.

  • Vulnerable supporting infrastructure over huge areas. For drones, this includes radio links to controllers and GPS for location information. Both are easily jammed or spoofed.

Our products enable human-machine teamwork in the real world, making machines smarter, more resilient and easier to work with in a human workflow.


Airial Robotics has developed a new generation of UAV’s which significantly expand the opportunities to operate commercial drones. We have evaluated and re-thought every aspect of the UAV products to come up with better solutions using progressive methods and modern technologies.

The Gyrotrak platform has been designed to far exceed current industry standards in terms of flight time, payload, range, and efficiency whilst at the same time possessing a highly modular system architecture.



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