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Announcing Argus-TI: AI-assisted thermal camera system to tackle challenges related to COVID-19

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Archangel Imaging is excited to announce the kickoff of its latest project, with support and funding from Innovate UK and the Oxford Foundry.

Archangel’s award-winning AI camera systems have been used for all-in-one, challenging remote outdoor monitoring use cases like anti-poaching, railway theft and trespass prevention. We are now offering this advanced technology to help complement security and safety teams to help them deal with the impact of COVID-19. Our Argus cameras help organisations in retail, transportation, sport and hospitality sectors to more easily, quickly and effectively respond to the pandemic and keep their customers safe.

Argus TI is an AI-assisted thermal camera system offering an all-in-one fever detection, mask compliance, and security monitoring solution for mid-sized organisations with heavy foot traffic. The adaptable system scans crowds to identify people based on pre-defined attributes like having a fever, not wearing a mask or other scenarios. It provides additional analytics to complement existing security data to help identify and manage hotspots.

The system can be integrated with additional sensors through our human-machine teaming platform,, to enable security teams and technologies to work together in a single view.

We are now looking for business owners and security/safety team leads to get involved in a funded pilot program to help shape the development of this technology to fit your use cases and meet your needs – to help you get back to running your business!

The Argus TI camera and analytics system addresses the following challenges surrounding COVID-19 response and recovery:

Protecting Peoplethrough ensuring compliance with changing Covid-19 safety measures and providing early detection mechanisms to decrease pandemic transmission.

Protecting the Economythrough increasing public confidence in areas with our installations and providing an affordable solution for retail locations suffering from lost revenue.

Protecting Privacythrough detecting problems using built-in AI without video collection or facial recognition.

How can I get involved?

We are looking for organisations to join our pilot user community. Register your interest by filling out this short form.



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