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Archangel Imaging and UAVaid Sign MOU of Cooperation

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Archangel Imaging and UK drone specialist UAVaid have signed an MOU of cooperation for integrating advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities into unmanned aircraft.

The strategic partnership will support the development of technologies integrating edge- based AI processing into drone navigation systems and onboard aerial camera image analysis. It is hoped that this development will lead to faster initial response capabilities to large scale natural disasters, such as floods and wildfires, and improved accuracy of (drone) aerial surveillance to support wildlife (anti-poaching) and environmental protection.

UAVaid operate a fleet of specialist drones for global development (GD) and humanitarian applications in remote and difficult to reach areas of the developing world. Archangel Imaging’s smart devices, such as AI cameras and navigation units, can be retrofitted to other machines to make them smarter and more resilient in challenging environments, from enabling drones to navigate independently in GNSS denied environments to detecting poachers in expansive national parks.

UAVaid technical lead, James Ronen, said “the technical collaboration integrating these cutting-edge technologies will bring new levels of operational capability, increasing accuracy and endurance of drone surveillance and monitoring, and builds on our previous technical collaboration with Archangel Imaging.”

“Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do at Archangel Imaging, and we are delighted to announce this formal relationship with UAVaid. We’ve already seen success with UAVaid and this agreement builds a fantastic foundation for the use of AI for good” says Charles Smith, Chief Commercial Officer at Archangel Imaging.

Archangel Imaging's Argonaut camera used for antipoaching applications

UAVaid commercial lead, Daniel Ronen, said “we are delighted to further extend our relationship with Archangel Imaging. This agreement follows our recent deployment in West Africa, where we identified numerous use-cases where this direction of technology development could be of potentially game-changing value to the welfare of remote communities and environment, particularly in mitigating the impact of climate change.”

UAVaid makes first ever medical delivery in Sierra Leone

Image Credit: UAVaid

About UAVAID LTD UAVAid are a UK based developer and operator of specialist Unmanned Aerial Systems AKA ‘drones’ that are optimised for global development (GD) and humanitarian applications in remote and difficult to reach areas of the developing world. UAVaid was established in London in 2014 by two brothers, Daniel and James Ronen. They operate a mixed fleet of BVLOS drones, including their proprietary multi-role HANSARD, which incorporates cargo delivery, mapping and live aerial surveillance, onto a single platform. UAVaid have completed projects in Malawi and in 2021 the first-ever medical drone delivery in Sierra Leone.

About Archangel Imaging Archangel Imaging deploys smart machines alongside people to protect valuable remote assets and at-risk staff. Today’s machines are mostly tools, not teammates. Our technology is retrofitted to make machines smarter, more resilient teammates, independent from infrastructure. We then integrate best-in-class AI, satellite analytics, robots, drones and IoT into human workflows. These hybrid teams respond faster and more effectively to safety or security threats. The Argonaut™ AI cameras watch for poachers in Africa or potential suicides on the European railways. The Xnaut GENIE navigation units enable any drone to independently navigate and complete missions without GPS signals. Our technology is trusted by commercial and government customers such as Ministry of Defence, Network Rail, European Space Agency and British Transport Police and has been recognised with awards, such as AIConics ‘AI for Good’ award presented at 10 Downing Street.



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