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Archangel Imaging announces the kick-off of the Sea++ project with

Archangel Imaging are delighted to announce the kick-off of the Sea++ project, in partnership with The project will demonstrate an actionable monitoring solution for clandestine maritime activities.

AIS transponders are an internationally recognised requirement on naval vessels. However, because this information is self-reported, actors engaging in clandestine activities typically turn off their transponders to prevent detection. The areas of interest intended for protection can be monitored via optical or SAR satellites, but the limited resolution and refresh rate make creation of actionable data from spaceborne data alone difficult.

The Sea++ solution will use a combination of spaceborne Earth Observation (EO) data, terrestrial Automatic Identification System (AIS) data and drone monitoring that will be actioned autonomously by artificial intelligence (AI) through Cerebella®, the human-machine teaming platform.

Satellite data analysis in maritime setting
Image Credit – is a specialist cloud-first AI analytics shop that focuses on AI-processing satellite imagery, from both optical and radar sources. Primarily focusing on maritime use cases, has also explored the use of AIS-D data for government-level customers overseas interested in the inaccurate self-reporting of ships.

“Sea++ aims to improve maritime safety and security by remotely detecting and autonomously acting upon clandestine maritime activity. Illegal activity on high seas, from unlicensed fishing to human trafficking has very high human and environmental costs. Enabled by the vision and support of our partners in STFC and Archangel Imaging, Sea++ will demonstrate that the state-of-the-art developments in satellite imagery, artificial intelligence and airborne robotics can be combined to provide a part of the solution” says, Sarp Ulas, CEO,

“The Sea++ project highlights the ability of Artificial Intelligence to provide valuable real-world solutions to pervasive problems in tough environments. At Archangel Imaging we are proud to be contributing towards the use of AI for good, and to develop technology that can help to combat criminal activity in maritime environments” says Charles Smith, CCO, Archangel Imaging.



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