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Archangel Imaging release new upgraded Argonaut camera series

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Today Archangel Imaging unveils Argonaut, our latest edge-AI smart camera that empowers security teams to #protectmorewithless.

AI Smart Camera
Argonaut Camera in Olive Green

The Argonaut camera brings the latest in artificial intelligence (AI) to the most remote, under-served locations to protect assets, fight crime, and save lives. Current camera solutions often suffer under the harsh outdoor environment and lack of access to power. AI cloud solutions are simply not an option for many locations as they require extensive communications infrastructure. In contrast, edge-AI allows algorithms to be processed locally without the need for internet or cloud connection. Argonaut delivers plug-and-play edge-AI anywhere, anytime with a range of power and connectivity options (including satellite communication), weather-proof and camouflage design, and is designed to run lightweight-AI detection algorithms. Argonaut allows security teams to place cameras wherever is most convenient for them, regardless of terrain or cellular coverage.

The Argonaut is the new, upgraded camera model from Archangel Imaging. Argonaut is built for versality and delivers an extended range of integrations, bespoke algorithms and features. Argonaut is compatible with our mission management platform, Cerebella® where you can add further integrations including drones, sensors, and rovers. Together, they tackle complex, persistent global problems used for many security applications from poaching of endangered species such as clouded leopards and black rhinos in national parks to suicide prevention and safety in the rail industry.

AI detection of unauthorised person in car park
Argonaut for Site Security

This technology is revolutionising security operations in National Parks and protected areas. It is impossible for rangers on foot to patrol every inch of these vast, remote areas every hour, allowing poachers to exploit known schedules and covertly attack. Using Argonaut with Cerebella®, our customers have cut response times from incident or intruder sighting from 1-2 hours to a matter of minutes. Argonaut cameras are currently deployed in national parks and protected areas internationally, thanks to the success of the WAMCam project through the European Space Agency’s Space Solutions programme feasibility study and the UK Space Agency.

Find out more and enquire about the Argonaut here.

View the full catalogue of integrations for Cerebella® here.

Argonaut Data Sheet
Download • 644KB
Argonaut Wildlife Case Study
Download • 272KB


About Archangel Imaging

Archangel Imaging makes AI accessible in remote areas to save lives, animals, and fight crime. Our vision is to enable human + machine teaming in the real world. Our standalone cameras and drones, with the latest on-device AI and communications technology, can detect potential problems and send near real-time alerts to the right people. Our software app allows humans, AI, satellite analytics, robots, drones and IoT sensors to work together as part of a combined team in complex missions. Together we go above and beyond to maximise the impact for our users and solve the modern world's challenging problems.

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