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Argonaut selected for Army Warfighting Experiment Urban Series: Sustain and Protect experimentation

We are delighted to announce that the Argonaut camera has been selected for experimentation in the Army Warfighting Experiment (AWE) Urban: Sustain and Protect programme, following a successful Dragon’s Den pitch at the Battlelab in Dorset last month.

From the Ministry of Defence, the AWE Urban Series 2022-2024 focuses on warfighting in the urban environment, preparing the Army for future conflict in an increasingly urbanised world. The Sustain & Protect series examines how to sustain and protect a Brigade (and below) force in the urban environment. Sustain will focus on intelligent logistics, medical extraction and vehicle extraction, whilst Protect will focus on physical and non-physical protection, to include Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (cUAS) and Counter Cyber and Electromagnetic Activities (cCEMA). This experiment will explore how we can accomplish the best by our people and achieve operational advantage.

“We are thrilled and privileged to be selected for the Army Warfighting Experiment, the premier Army innovation programme. Argonaut offers significant opportunity to protect people in harms way and provide a robust, reliable and innovate early warning system to defence. We are excited to be taking part in the experiment and look forward to presenting our capability and collaborating with the other downselected participants.” says Charles Smith, Chief Commercial Officer, Archangel Imaging.

AWE is the flagship experimentation programme for the British Army. The Argonaut camera is equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) detection algorithms, compatible with the mission management platform and designed to operate off-grid in denied or contested conditions. The tailored Argonaut Patrol package will be integrated into experiments conducted in urban environments. Find out more about the Argonaut camera series and view the full range here.



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