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Intern at Archangel: Emily's experience

Want to intern with Archangel Imaging this summer? Emily joined us last summer as a Business Development Intern – find out more about her experience below.

Hi Emily! When did you join Archangel Imaging?

I joined Archangel Imaging in Summer 2021.

How was your business development internship experience at Archangel Imaging?

During my internship at Archangel Imaging, I engaged with many different stakeholders for a plethora of bids, competitions and funding opportunities. As well as my interest in business development, I also benefited from gaining experience in marketing within the company. While assisting with projects in this department, my creativity was forced to progress with each task I worked on, leading me to better understand the integral role of marketing to the company. One reason for my enjoyment of the internship is how unique every challenge has been, while working on submissions with partners has brought new and alternative perspectives to adapt existing ideas. In addition, I found assisting with tasks in some of the different departments especially insightful, as it gave me a greater awareness of the company’s components.

How did you find working with your colleagues?

Despite the entirety of my internship coinciding with the pandemic, I worked alongside my colleagues virtually. And, despite working alongside the team via technology rather than face-to-face, I felt very welcome during my time working with the company, and my colleagues were always extremely helpful and friendly. Furthermore, I was always given support where needed, which gave me the right level of challenge during independent work.

Overall, how useful was the internship for your career?

Within a short space of time, I have developed a range of skills which will be highly useful for the start of my career. Being an intern within a forward thinking cutting-edge start-up company has shown me that clear direction, planning and communication are critical to success, and I have thoroughly enjoyed gaining an insight into this.

Do you want to join Archangel as an intern and gain valuable skills with a great team? If so, make sure to keep an eye on our career page for upcoming internships!



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