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New beginnings and fond farewells

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

As the dust settles on our recent office move, we’re looking back at our time in Harwell. Taking time to celebrate the successes and fun that we have had there, while looking forward to our new home in central Oxford.

Over the last year we’ve seen unprecedented growth in our business, with new customers, new projects and a significant increase in team size. This created a need (opportunity) for us to review our current home and optimise for the future. The outcome? A move to Osney Mead in Oxford, just a short walk from the city centre, the railway station and with great transport links we are now very easy to get to on public transport, also meaning fewer of our team will need to use cars to get to work. Some have even talked about canoeing along the river!

We completed the move at the end of January taking the first of two units on the site. The second unit will become home to our sister-company, Archangel Lightworks once we have completed the fit-out required to meet their unique requirements.

Assembling our new riser desks

The move itself was great fun, everyone got stuck in and we all helped make our new offices home in record time.

The Archangel Removals team
A final bacon roll in Harwell on the morning of the big move

We’re very proud of our new base and would love to welcome you to come and visit us, have a quick tour, a coffee and a chat.

A quick game of office basketball during the move
and our shiny new mugs ready ready for a brew.

This week marks the end of an era though as we hand back the keys to our Harwell office for the last time. An office that was home to us for a number of years and has seen people join us as colleagues and become life-long friends. Harwell was a great place to be, surrounded by like-minded developers and companies and helped us form some amazing partnerships.

So, as we look to the future with excitement, we also look to the past with fondness.

Farewell Harwell, Hello Oxford :)



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