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Next-gen rover using smart sensors and Archangel's AI camera to inspect pipelines automatically

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Through the Harwell Campus Cross-Cluster initiative, funded by the Science and Technology Facilities Council, Archangel Imaging has collaborated with SubTera and GMV to deliver a proof of concept automated oil & gas pipeline corrosion inspection robot.

Oil & gas rigs and pipelines are susceptible to deliberate attacks and maintenance challenges e.g. gas leaks causing environmental destruction and huge losses to the economy. Keeping these large distributed areas constantly monitored requires expensive and uninterrupted communications and/or large numbers of people. Traditional infrastructure monitoring methods involve a combination of CCTV, small IIoT to expensive, bulky sensing equipment and human patrolling. This often involves the deployment of separate devices and systems, requiring their own specific proprietary hardware, multiple user interfaces, substantial manpower overhead and user training required.

Archangel Imaging's proprietary AI-assisted camera unit and Subtera’s advanced corrosion detection unit integrated with GMV’s rover offer rapid detection and response robotic system. Using bespoke, optimised algorithms for oil & gas outdoor environments and to be energy-efficient, the cameras offers 'on-the-spot intelligence' without the need for transmitting any data to be analysed elsewhere. When an incident is detected, only the minimum of data is transferred via satellites, cellular or other networks, allowing this system to be used on the go, even in places with minimal connectivity or infrastructure.

Relevant alerts and response control can be combined and coordinated through, a collaborative platform between people, smart robots and sensors to streamline information exchanges and actions. Collaboration between different industry players is maximised through deep integrations supported by Cerebella, giving users and customers the benefit of using best-in-class technology to solve their problems much more effectively.

Co-founder and CEO of Archangel Imaging, Jonathan Mist, says “This successful project has demonstrated the feasibility of an effective and elegant industrial monitoring system, combining cutting edge technology to offer substantial time and money savings for the users".

About SubTera:

SubTera has developed a unique and innovative sensing technology that detects corrosion concealed under a range of insulation, coatings and paints. They are working with partners to integrate this disruptive technology within inspection solutions suitable for deployment within Oil & Gas environments.

About GMV:

GMV is an international technological business group that offers solutions, services and products across diverse sectors including Aerospace, Defence & Security, Cybersecurity, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Automotive, Healthcare, Telecommunications, and IT for public administration and large corporations.

Photo by GMV.



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