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Argonaut                     Mobile Tower

Argonaut Mobile Tower

When it comes to monitoring rail assets, operators face incredible challenges; miles of track, complex infrastructure and multiple risks including trespass, theft and deliberate or accidental damage. In addition, freight operators face the challenge of monitoring rolling stock for safe operation and contents checking.

In conjunction with Upshot UK, Archangel Imaging have extended their Argonaut product range to deliver the Argonaut Mobile Tower. Easy to deploy, fully self contained with Cerebella® inside, Argonaut Tower brings the latest in deployable AI technology to any part of the network.


Edge-AI technology means users can get real-time alerts to issues without needing to constantly monitor CCTV. Compatible with existing CCTV systems, Argonaut will integrate with other devices such as IoT sensors, drones and rovers for a complete security solution.

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