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Plug-and-play computer vision without the cloud.

Smart, self-contained cameras that work anywhere.
Simply mount to a drone, a vehicle, a post, or a tree in the field, and complement your team with a 24/7 robotic guard straightaway for time-critical, challenging missions. 
Detect what matters, remember only what's important, so you can cut through the noise and stay compliant with data protection regulations.

A range of possibilities.

The Argonaut is the new upgraded camera from Archangel Imaging. Thanks to our modular design, once the base camera is selected, you can customise a range of features like camera types, camouflaged enclosures, connectivity options and power options to suit your needs. 

Argonaut files available to download:

Engineered with the latest technology

Automatic alerts for known and unknown people and vehicles coming to your protected area.
Accurate detection with deep learning optimised for small devices.

Extend capabilities easily.

Field integrations with other IoT sensors, drones to rovers for a powerful coordinated team on the go, coordinated via the unified management application

Robust for outdoor environments

IP65 water resistant case. Protection against dust, heat, bad weather, and insects. Choose between strong, rugged design fitouts to prevent damage from falling, or lightweight, nimble design for flying. 

Built in power so the systems can run for months without checking.


Get yours now

Buy individual cameras or integrated solutions with sensors, drones and robotics.

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