Instant, automated remote incident alerts & actions with best-in-class technology

Bespoke solutions, combining unmanned vehicles with our bespoke AI cameras, function like intelligent team members, able to detects targets (vehicles, people, and custom - please enquire) 24/7 without high bandwidth connection. 

Additionally, they are Cerebella-compatible, meaning they can be coordinated with other sensors, such as smart fences, as well as drones, rovers, trail cams... with rules set up, so you can a
ugment your human security team reliably and economically and achieve more with less.

FeverScreen for COVID-19 mitigation
Check out how our bundled technology package can provide turnkey solutions to some of the world's persistent challenges.
Watchman for AI-powered security
WamCam for anti-poaching

A smart system for large-scale monitoring

Real-time alerts and actions 

Integrated with rovers, drones and other sensors

Rugged, outdoor systems with long lasting power

Modular and can be repurposed and redeployed

Our WAMCam package is an innovative solution integrating Archangel Imaging edge AI cameras with wireless long rang IoT and satellite communication, and coordinated with other sensors via Cerebella to radically improve anti-poaching efforts and wildlife research.

Wildlife park rangers and associated support staff need to monitor large areas, and often they need to respond early to incidents. Trail cameras are used, but is easily triggered by other moving objects and the data at retrieval is often of limited use in prevention. There is a strong need for a co-ordination platform with early warning of potential poaching activity.

Researchers and conservationists working in remote regions can deploy the AI-assisted cameras to remotely monitor animal traps and study areas accurately. They will receive prompt notifications of the wildlife identified by the cameras or unexpected park intruders with a map-based view. 

Distributed Smart Camera Network for Security Monitoring at Scale. 

Keeping large distributed areas under observation requires expensive and uninterrupted communications and/or large number of people.

Our Watchman package Watchman allows enduring intelligent observation at a fraction of the cost, developed to:

  • count unauthorised people and cars on and off sites for fire safety to secure good from theft and to notice suspect behaviour patterns in the crowds.

  • detect, alert and count the number of PPE non-compliance

  • provided automated inventory labelling and tracking of quantity and status 

​Being able to screen large numbers of people rapidly and effectively over a wide area is a major challenge, and it will get more difficult as we lift the lockdown and start re-opening our society and economy. Archangel’s flexible and portable next-gen AI cameras are self-contained with communications and backup power, so they work straight out of the box and don’t need to be manned all day. Our devices are controlled via a remote web application, so these fever screening cameras can be repurposed for other tasks tomorrow. No clunky setup, no complex networks, and no supervision required. Just real-time mobile alerts to help businesses return to normal activities sooner.​​

Our AI-assisted thermal cameras are designed to :

  • Be portable and work outdoors, so can be mounted on vehicles

  • Real time detection, for timely intervention

  • Providing prioritised alerts on mobile/web/other integrated apps

  • Redeployable to do other detections thanks to the integrations

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