We can be your next expert R&D and innovation partners.

Our services

AI Advisory 

Interested in edge AI but not sure where to start? Have specific algorithm developments needed? We can help.

Systems Integration

Custom integration of full systems solutions to suit your environments, team, workflows and requirements.

Research & Development 

Innovation projects to develop or test novel concepts, low maturity ideas, or simply investigate root problems  as your research partners.

Check out some of our previous projects 

  • ​Hyperspectral AI camera.

    HyRIZON is a low SWAP hyperspectral machine vision payload for small UAVs.  Not only can HyRIZON automatically detect the invisible, it can tell you what it's made from.  This has utility in security, anti-smuggling, pollution monitoring, fisheries protection and almost any other remote monitoring use case you can imagine.

  • Indoor drone navigation without GPS.

    InSite was developed to allow remote access to hazardous sites without putting human first responders at risk. These sites often have unreliable communication and  GPS. We developed bespoke algorithms and hardware so a swarm of drones can penetrate deep into a dangerous building with accurate positional information to generate 3D internal maps, all while navigating to 5cm accuracy.

  • Bespoke AI algorithms.

    We have developed and trained algorithms for several bespoke use cases. Archangel Imaging is one of the AI suppliers of choice for government organisations and aerospace & defence primes. Many of our staff have security clearance. 

Ways we can work together

We have been at the forefront of advanced unmanned technology developments since 2010. Several of our team have led the invention and development of high-value, high-impact novel systems that subsequently received world or wide adoption.  We’re interested in solving critical engineering problems and creating turnkey solutions that help governments and businesses address the United Nations' sustainable development goals at a scale.





Built to last

Ready to use

Flexible configuration

Improve with use

Time and cost efficient

We believe in usability, reusability and scalability. This gives our customers a bespoke, technological system that they can deploy quickly, adjust it to their needs, have it improved over time thanks to the built-in, updatable machine learning models and a growing number of available integrations.

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Free workshop/trial

We are offering a limited number of free workshops/trials where partners and customers can identify how a coordinated team of edge AI devices, sensors, drones and robotics can solve complex problems and give them competitive advantage.

The workshops will allow problem-owners, prospective customers and industry specialists to identify gaps and help shape how the distributed AI technology can be applied to your specific sector or organisation.


To discover whether your organisation is ready to take advantage of edge AI, for areas of low connectivity and infrastructure, please complete our questionnaire. See below links for further information on the workshop and to register interest.

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