Rail and Transportation

Our ADAPT AI camera & audio package helps staff identify, warn and intervene early to reduce trespass at the end of platform stations.

One of the railway challenges is to monitor and reduce trespass off the end of railway station platforms, to prevent accidents and costly delays. Historically, it has been difficult as stations are not manned full-time with enough staff on the platform, and existing technology does not effectively deter or aid intervention.
Through the use of AI, our Argus X cameras can identify and dissuade trespass using audio messages as well as record the trespass, alert the station staff and police. Located at the end of the platform, anyone who tries to trespass will be warned. If the trespasser persists, a stronger warning will be given while a recording of the trespass will be taken and an alert is sent to the situation responders who in turn can view the footage.

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