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Full mission autonomy for sUAS

Enabling operations when satellite navigation and radio communications are denied

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Small UAS are revolutionising the defence space, but countermeasures are widespread and effective

But what if a fleet of sUAS could navigate without GNSS? What if they could make decisions about what to do next based on the situations they observe, and communicate only when they have essential information to relay? 

This would mean that they could operate effectively in areas denied to other sUAS, significantly increase the potency of the deployed sensor array, and hugely enhance the level of understanding. This is the promise that Xnaut delivers

Game-Changing Autonomy

Accurate navigation over extended ranges without reference to any external systems or infrastructure. Advanced edge AI powered computer vision, enabling decisions based on live observed context


Any sUAS, low SWaP to nil SWap

Designed to deliver against low SWaP constraints

Xnaut is an applique component, suitable for integration with any small UAS


We are already developing the technology to make use of the sensors and compute that advanced sUAS will bring, work that will result in a nil-SWaP solution. 


Reliability from an ensemble of visual navigation methods

​Xnaut uses multiple edge AI - powered computer vision navigation methods to overcome challenging environments and conditions, including barren terrain, large bodies of water, seasonal changes and low-light conditions.

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