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Site Security

The Smart Security Solution is an on-demand smart autonomous security system that combines AI-powered cameras and sensors, drones, and rovers to deter, detect and respond to threats.

Keeping large, distributed areas such as business parks or remote infrastructure under observation to identify trespassers, theft or vandalism requires expensive, uninterrupted communications and significant manpower. Traditional infrastructure monitoring methods involve a combination of resource intensive patrolling and CCTV – often resulting in slow intervention and spotty coverage despite constant monitoring. Site security teams can lose days filtering through CCTV footage for answers.

Out-of-ordinary behaviours are sifted from the noise directly by Edge AI cameras, tracked across site and flagged up before an incident happens, giving the nearby team a chance to respond proactively for the first time. The edge AI cameras, such as our Argonaut camera series, will cue rovers and drones to act as first line of responders, giving the in-house security teams more time to act. Because our devices have built in intelligence on-board, they are independent of infrastructure and can be repositioned and tasked as needed, to cover temporary vulnerabilities and blind spots.

All smart devices can be further combined and tailored to suit your needs. Cerebella® is the mission management platform that brings together these resources into a security alert and response solution-in-a-box that can work everywhere, from sites with existing legacy infrastructure to new temporary sites without.

The Smart Security Solution is part of our security-as-a-service product family. Each is tailored to different use cases and remote monitoring environment.

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