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Winner: AIconics Award 2019 ⚡

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Trang (COO, Archangel Imaging) and Clare Barclay (COO, Microsoft)

We are still filled with excitement from Tuesday, 11th June 2019, hearing our name mentioned as the winner of the AI for Good category, inside Kensington Palace. All businesses here share a common theme - solving difficult problems at scale with (cutting edge) AI technology. Our Wildlife Activity Monitoring Camera (WAMcam), presented to the judging panel, is deployed by animal researchers and anti-poaching organisations to help them detect animal presence in a particular area accurately and poachers approaching protected sites promptly. The AI runs locally, on the device, with narrow band IoT and satellite data links to send concise alerts. The web dashboard, as part of the complete system, further enables the efficient coordination between human teams and these 'smart' devices and, in some locations, drones.

Our WAMcam prototype in 2018 was tested in a project funded by European Space Agency, and the summary report is available here

We are passionate about bringing deployable AI technology to underserved groups who wouldn’t have access to AI applications otherwise, and to tackling those major problems that affect our planet. This award is another validation that we're on the right path to serve our society.


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