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Archangel Imaging Wins Share of 700k Funding to Remotely Monitor Legacy Nuclear Sites

The ATOM project from Archangel Imaging aims to create a mobile, autonomous surveillance system which can be augmented with a range of third-party solutions or updated with specific algorithms to maintain a technological edge in remote site monitoring.

The ATOM Project is part of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) remote monitoring of sites competition run through the Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA). Challenge 3 of the DASA Competition: Security and Resilience sought innovations to deliver proportionate security in line with the site risk reduction curve during the decommissioning process.

“We are excited to be working with NDA DASA on this competition which has generated a huge amount of interest across many different sectors.

“The competition will support the development of new technologies for remote sensing and application of novel approaches which will enable us to monitor our large and geographically distributed estate.

“This will help us deliver our decommissioning mission in different ways, reduce risk and provide additional insights for improving how we manage our infrastructure, and inform decision-making processes. We are eager to see how the creative solutions being put forward by the supply chain will evolve” says Andrew Gray, NDA Innovation Delivery Manager.

“We are excited to be working with DASA and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority on this important project. Our technology has been designed exactly for this type of monitoring; providing rich, actionable intelligence in difficult or remote locations. This project will help us to optimise our Argonaut capabilities and deliver a meaningful solution to protect remote national infrastructure sites.” says Charles Smith, Chief Commercial Officer at Archangel Imaging.

Find out more the Remote Monitoring of Sensitive Sites Themed competition here.

About Archangel Imaging

Archangel Imaging provides software and hardware options to make machines smart enough to become team mates you can trust to do their part, rather than tools you need to constantly manage. Veteran founded and owned we focus on supporting users in remote, exposed or challenging environments, including police, service personnel, first responders and NGOs. We’re active in both the UK and US. Hybrid human-machine teams will be much more effective in protecting assets, people & planet at scale. For that to happen, we need our technology to be able to operate without depending on human attention or on vulnerable infrastructure. We specialise in advanced artificial intelligence (AI) for cameras and GNSS-denied navigation for manned and unmanned systems.


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