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Archangel Imaging Wins $1,000,000 Grand Prize from GENIUS NY

We are thrilled and humbled to be named the Grand Prize winner in the GENIUS NY accelerator, receiving $1,000,000 investment from GENIUS NY, CenterState CEO and Empire State Development!

Over the last 12 months, we have been establishing ourselves in the flourishing uncrewed systems community in Syracuse aided by the excellent support from the GENIUS NY accelerator program. The first phase of the program culminated in a Finals Night on the 3rd of November where we pitched live, alongside our four fellow cohort members, to win the grand prize of $1 million investment.

“Archangel Imaging has been working hard to make machines smart enough to be team mates you can trust to do their part, rather than tools you need to constantly manage.

Xnaut GENIE, our revolutionary AI co-pilot, helps overcome a fundamental vulnerability with GPS and enables uncrewed systems to operate with resilience and competence alongside people.

Being selected as the GENIUS NY 2022 Grand Prize winner is an incredible achievement and recognition for the team, particularly in the context of such high quality companies in the cohort this year. Throughout the program we have benefitted from the amazing support and investment from GENIUS NY, CenterState CEO and Empire State Development. Both local government and local businesses here have helped us to hit the ground running and we've already hired local staff, signed MOUs with members of the GENIUS NY extended family, and are engaging in joint development. We have made great friends and are proud to be a part of the community in our new home in Central New York. The prize enables us to create further high value jobs and fuel long term local partnerships. Did I mention we are hiring?” says Dan Sola, CEO of Archangel Imaging.

It’s hard to underestimate the impact that the GENIUS NY Program and community have had on Archangel Imaging. We have established a US subsidiary, opened and hired for our first US recruitment round, exhibited at trade shows across the country, registered our first US trademark, played TopGolf in Vegas, decorated our US office, announced our first Hackathon in Syracuse ‘ATAKATHON’, and learned from our wonderful fellow cohort; Drone Hub, Fusion Engineering, Wonder Robotics and AVSS.

Empire State Development President, CEO and Commissioner, Hope Knight, said, "The GENIUS NY program is supporting the incredible growth of the uncrewed aerial systems industry in Central New York. Congratulations to all of these forward-thinking innovators who are bringing their exceptional entrepreneurial ideas to the region and are ready to take advantage of New York State's unmatched UAS assets and infrastructure."

CenterState CEO President Rob Simpson said, "The GENIUS NY programs represents our region's commitment to advancing new and next stage innovations in the uncrewed, smart systems and IoT sectors. The investments these high-potential teams receive now will enable them to accelerate their growth and participate in the exciting progress that is driving our community forward. These international teams will continue in this program with the tools and resources they need to leverage these investments, advance their technologies and platforms, create jobs and contribute to the growing ecosystem we have established in Central New York."

GENIUS NY at CenterState CEO director Kara Jones said, "The pitch finals event is an exciting opportunity for our community to see firsthand the incredible teams that have come here from around the world to grow their companies. The investments the teams receive during this event will enable them to go to market, build stronger partnerships with GENIUS NY teams from prior rounds, and focus on technology and business development, hiring and establishing headquarters and offices in Central New York. As they move into the program's second round they will receive targeted support from mentors and advisors and will have additional opportunities to meet with investors to ensure their success."

State Senator Rachel May said, "It is always exciting to see the expansion of new opportunities for Central New York's flourishing UAS industry. Programs like GENIUS NY enable our area to attract and retain top talent in the industry and continue the growth we've seen over the past several years. This benefits CNY's Drone Corridor and contributes to the entire region's economic engine. Congratulations to the winners of GENIUS NY, and I look forward to seeing the innovation you bring to our community."

State Senator John W. Mannion said, "Through state investments like Green Chips and the Genius NY program - Central New York is now home to vibrant and growing next-generation industries including drones, wireless communications, and coming soon: computer chip manufacturing. This ecosystem of innovation that includes Micron, JMA, MACNY, established drone companies and Genius NY start-ups, union labor, and our colleges and universities will be a magnet for further investment, jobs, and economic activity. I look forward to a continued partnership with Governor Hochul to keep the momentum going in Central New York."

Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh said, "GENIUS NY is part of a thriving technology ecosystem in Syracuse and Central New York. The program has helped put our region on the map around the world as a key center for uncrewed aerial system development. More important for the city and our Syracuse Surge strategy for inclusive growth in the New Economy, GENIUS NY is creating good jobs and investment. I congratulate the latest round of winners and thank Governor Hochul and the teams at Empire State Development and CenterState CEO for their commitment to keep GENIUS NY soaring."


GENIUS NY is an in-residence business accelerator program at The Tech Garden in Central New York that goes beyond substantial direct investment. In addition to the grand prize of $1 million and four $500,000 investments, the program also offers resources, programming, and connections, making it among the largest competitions of its kind across the globe. More information is available here.

About Archangel Imaging Ltd

Veteran founded, Archangel Imaging provides software and hardware to make machines smart enough to become team mates you can trust to do their part, rather than tools that need managing.

Hybrid human-machine teams will be much more effective in protecting assets, people & planet at scale, but technology must operate without depending on human attention or vulnerable infrastructure. We support users in remote, exposed and challenging environments, including police, service personnel, first responders and NGOs.

Despite having ever-better remote monitoring technology like drones and IoT sensors, our service personnel, police and first responders are as overstretched as ever protecting our citizens and critical infrastructure.

The tools available cannot function on their own. Today's technology is dependent on:

  • Limited, precious, overloaded human attention.

  • Vulnerable supporting infrastructure over huge areas. For drones, this includes radio links to controllers and GPS for location information. Both are easily jammed or spoofed.

Our products enable human-machine teamwork in the real world, making machines smarter, more resilient and easier to work with in a human workflow.



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