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International Flight Trial Success

It’s been a very busy few weeks for the flight trials teams at Archangel. We’ve recently completed successful trials of our Xnaut GENIE GNSS-denied navigation solution on opposite sides of the Atlantic, including our first real-world flight on a fixed-wing platform.

Archangel World Tour 2023
The limited-edition tour t-shirt
First Alt-Nav fixed-wing test flight
Our borrowed test platform for fixed wing flight-tests in Barcelona with Xnaut mounted inside the fuselage

The team travelled to the Barcelona Drone Centre for a week’s testing where we flew both multi-rotor and fixed wing platforms with great support from the BDC team.

Spanish Hospitality
Our team experienced fantastic Spanish hospitality at the Barcelona Drone Centre

From there we flew across the Atlantic to Griffiss International Airport (Rome, New York) to test with NUAIR at the New York UAS Test Site. The NUAIR team played an important role in the success of this activity, from airworthiness support on a new platform to the loan of their mobile GCS vehicle. Thank you to all the NUAIR team!

Mobile Operations Centre
The NUAIR mobile operations centre

Sunset at Griffiss
The sun sets on another successful day of flight tests & customer demonstrations at Griffiss

Sadly we weren’t allowed to fly the B52 at the Griffiss Airbase

Whilst the two weeks were full-on, we were able to deliver above expectation in terms of platform performance, and have been able to gather huge amounts of data to further enhance our capability.

We are hugely proud of our team, and of the extra miles they have gone to continue to keep Archangel Imaging at the very forefront of non-GNSS drone technology.

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