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AI Co-Pilot manufacturer and Optics Specialist sign MOU

Syracuse, NY. (January 18, 2023) - Archangel Imaging, artificial intelligence specialists, are partnering with Circle Optics, innovators with patented technology enabling real-time, high-resolution multi-camera systems that provide panoramic video without the distortion and errors inherent in other systems.

Archangel Imaging CEO, Dan Sola says, “we’re fundamentally a software and data science company and both our static ground AI cameras and mobile AI co-pilots rely on the visual sensors we integrate; Circle Optics capabilities opens up potential enhancements on the ground and in the air for wide angle cameras of very high resolution in a compact package.”

Archangel Imaging CEO, Daniel Sola, and Circle Optics CEO, Zak Niazi

Veteran founded and owned, Archangel

Imaging provides technology to make machines smart enough to become teammates, rather than tools you need to constantly manage. The company focuses on supporting users in remote, exposed or challenging environments, including police, service personnel and first responders. The company recently won the GENIUS NY grand prize of $1M and is establishing partnership with relevant technology leaders in the Central New York region. The Argonaut range of AI ground cameras conduct real time off-grid tasks like security for sensitive & remote sites and have deployed for anti-poaching and suicide prevention on the railways. Certain use cases require both long range and panoramic, continuous observation that could be enhanced by the addition of Circle Optics technology. The Xnaut™ range of AI co-pilots enable drones to continue operation without communications or GPS. Circle Optics technology could improve the 360-degree awareness for both navigation and collision avoidance, particularly on small drones.

Circle Optics is known for their imaging systems that allow for the capture of 360-degree observational input. Their high quality imaging feed combined with Archangel Imaging software and analytics will provide the next stage of intelligence, allowing the platform to operate reliably and independently. In Sola’s words, “The quality of on-board decisions is directly correlated to the quality of the observational input. Our customers demand high quality decisions over extended geographies, so we’re looking for best-in-class imaging capability.” Circle Optics is currently progressing work initiated with NASA on sensor fits for Detect & Avoid, enabling both uncrewed and human-piloted flight safety.

Circle Optics CEO, Zakariya Niazi, states, ”Archangel Imaging is already deploying novel software solutions that are enhancing autonomous surveillance of critical infrastructure, enabling navigation in GPS denied environments, and building intelligence into machines for state-of-the-art human / machine teaming. Circle Optics provides panoramic camera technology with the best data product around. Our data output combined with their advanced analytics will be a game-changer for the UAS industry.”


About Circle Optics

Founded in 2017, Circle Optics has developed patented technology enabling the ability to capture the entire world in a stitch-less, instant 360-degree imaging. 360-degree imaging is part of everyday life. Circle Optics technology is being designed to accelerate the delivery of life saving resources, ensure aerospace safety, enhance remote sensing capabilities for protection, and increase immersive experience participation.

Different from other cameras on the market which work by combining overlapping fields of view in the software, our technology works by aligning fields of view in hardware to produce a perfect panoramic image. No distortion. One click and done.

  • We believe in a world where everyone has access to immersive experiences

  • We believe in a world where autonomous robots have situational consciousness, not just situational awareness.

This unique capability will revolutionize aerospace, unmanned flight, and enhance immersive experiences globally. We are just beginning to learn the applications of this new technology and are eager to learn how the wider field of view will enhance other technologies.

About Archangel Imaging

Archangel Imaging deploys smart machines alongside people to protect valuable assets and at-risk staff in remote or challenging places. Remote operations are difficult. Whether you are operating drone patrols over marine reserves or monitoring static energy infrastructure, your ability to succeed depends on the supporting infrastructure used to coordinate any response. Today’s machines are still mostly tools, not teammates. Archangel Imaging technology can be retrofitted to other machines to make them smarter and more resilient in a changing environment, independent from any infrastructure. Argonaut™ AI cameras watch for poachers in Africa, oil thieves in South America or potential suicides on European railways. Xnaut™ AI co-pilots enable any drone to independently navigate and complete missions without communications or GPS signals.



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