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2021 In Review

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

As 2022 begins, we can’t help but look back at our achievements in 2021 and be thankful for all the good times. 2021 was yet another challenging year with Covid-19 in the background making everything a little harder and we’re proud of our team for achieving several epic milestones in that context. We’d like to thank our customers, our people, our partners and suppliers as well as the wider communities to which we belong who have appreciated the value we are building and supported our products. With no further ado, here are highlights of the year!

1. We passed multiple lockdowns and are alive today! Or so far… (thanks Omicron!)

2. We’ve shipped various antipoaching cameras to Africa and successfully completed the WAMCam project thanks to the support from the European Space Agency, UK Space Agency, and our partners on the ground, Project Everest Ventures. This has led to the development and launch of the Argonaut camera. Using Argonaut with our Cerebella® mission management platform, security teams at national parks and protected areas in Africa have cut response time to poacher sighting from 1-2 hours to a matter of minutes. Read more about how our cutting-edge technology enables this here.

3. We launched our integrated smart security solution by combining human assets with smart cameras, drones and rover robots via our Cerebella® human/machine teaming platform. This proved that smart machines can be deployed as part of an integrated security solution to augment and support existing security teams, delivering relevant insight and actions to increase team performance. See more on this here, or below.

4. We are currently developing a world-leading GPS-free navigation product called GENIE. The GENIE navigation unit is being developed to enable safe and resilient operation of manned and unmanned aircraft while limiting vulnerabilities from jammed or spoofed GNSS signals. GENIE will be fitted as an independent unit on aircrafts, meaning there is zero direct interference with flight controls or certified flight safety systems. GENIE is being developed with engaged end users who are amongst many that are desperate for a solution such as this. We keep being asked “when can we have it?” We’re on track! To learn more about GENIE, check out this article.

5. Core to our success is our team, and we love seeing them develop and grow as part of their time with us. 2021 gave us time to have fun flying drones, and Paul qualified as a drone pilot. The rest of us aren’t jealous at all that he gets to fly drones AND get paid for it.

6. We were selected as part of the Game Changers 2021 cohort of ConnectTVT, the platform joining the tech and digital dots in the Thames Valley. As such, we have the privilege to be part of a network of founders pushing to solve some of the world’s pressing issues through technology.

7. We developed great strategic partnerships with UAVAid, GMV NSL,, Malloy Aeronautics, and Sundance.

8. We welcomed the opportunity to meet and brief Paul Bate, CEO, and Claire Barcham, Director of Space Strategy at UK Space Agency on the benefits that our solutions bring in the fight against poaching.

Dan Sola briefing Paul Bate

9. We’ve been featured in the Office for AI ALGORITHM magazine! Take a peek here.

10. We had a fantastic time attending DSEI, the UK’s pioneer defence and security trade exhibition, discussing GNSS denied navigation, Cerebella partnerships and integrations🧠

11. Our cameras now have the CE mark! Our customers can rest assured that our products meet the highest safety, health, and environmental protection requirements.

12. We have successfully installed our cameras with Network Rail UK. Working with Network Rail’s Innovation team we are trialling Argonaut cameras, coupled with Cerebella, at two UK stations. These are helping to detect and deter trespassers. Cerebella automatically sends alerts to station staff and the British Transport Police, as well as issuing audible warnings to deter miscreants at the point of wrongdoing. Network Rail loved our solution for its minimal infrastructure needs (faster, cheaper installation) and the potential to cut theft and trespass across the network.

13. We’ve developed the Cerebella catalogue of integrations and launched our partnership program.

14. We have expanded our advisory board this year with the recent appointment of Pauline Norstrom, Ben Brabyn, and General Sir Gordon Kenneth Messenger, KCB DSO* OBE DL. More announcements to follow!

15. We’ve ended the year with a wonderful Christmas celebration with our team!

Here’s to an exciting 2022!


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